When It All Comes Together

It is hard to keep the focus and stay positive sometimes when things don´t really line up the way we are hoping for. And this trip in particular really challenged the whole crew. So we extended our initial stay for another almost two weeks and kept waiting for those perfect days. And we finally got them! After more then 3 weeks of waiting we finally got the days we have been waiting for. When it all lined up and finally came together we really could not have been happier! Here is a few impressions. | Sven


Island from FerryHaines TownMarry and no doorsPro Filmer Michael Haunschmidtbreakfast stuffEpic AK Approach Sven Mich in choppa wedding dress in epic light
Sunrise- this is what we have been waiting for

FullSizeRendercropBene Fabi on top B BowlAK valley