Off To A New Adventure

The trip started off with a minor hick up as we missed our connecting flight in Oslo which caused a midnight arrival in Narvik/Evenes, Norway. As i was really excited for the drive from Narvik to Svolvær it was a bummer that it was all dark by the time we got there. The next morning we got up to a cloudy, stormy day. So instead of going skiing i met up with the only local pilots who fly here to see if i was able to get us a plane for the next while to go scout zones for camping and skiing. It took me weeks to get a contact up here to someone who has a plane and i am really happy that i managed to meet up with these guys. The rest of the days consisted of exploring the place and going for a little hike in the storm. The following day looked a lot better as we woke up to sunshine and blue skies giving us our first opportunity to go up skiing. We went up a mellower mountain to just get a feel for the snow conditions. While we were up there Paddy and I sessioned a fun little jump. It was a long tiring day but we all came home with a big smile on our faces. We are now looking at a few downdays, but seeing the potential out here we are more than excited to get back out there again! /Sven

paddy backdrop snow water beach paddy 3 skinning mountain view 1