Long Tiring But Rewarding Days

As this trip is coming towards an end, we are trying to make the most of our last few days resulting in some of the longest days i have ever spend on the mountain filming. Yesterday we left at 7 am drove for an hour, skinned for 5 hours, played the waiting game for 2 hours (we sat in the clouds as a storm rolled through) and sessioned this really cool zone until 9 45 pm. By the end of it, we did get rewarded with a stunning sun set. However, taking the boots of at the end of the long day was equally rewarding. The Lofoten are an amazing place and just simply being in the mountains and the beautiful nature is worth the while. As we are only getting to the peaks on foot, the pace is really slow. It does make me appreciate the surroundings even more, just simply because there is the time to take it all in. As tiring as it is, i really do enjoy our time here a lot. We are looking ahead to another couple of days getting up early and staying out late it feels as if we are just adjusting to the long lasting daylight up here. /Sven

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