JP Memorial

The passing of JP Auclair in 2014 was definitely one of the hardest things for me to accept. And I know there are many others who felt and feel the same way.

When Chris O´Conell and JP Auclair met back in the days. Riksgränsen was a popular place in the freeskiing scene and every spring, athletes from all over the world would come here to ski. That is why Chis decided the memorial should happen at a place where it all began. I am so glad I could be part of it and hang with a group of people who all celebrate the life of one of the greatest skier, the most creative and inspiring person and a wonderful friend.

The event consisted of a quaterpipe which was hand shaped like it was back in the day, and a backflip mute grab contest.

It was amazing what a good vibe there was. We all kind of felt as if we were set back in time to 1998. Being in Riksgränsen was filled with good times, love and emotions and a great vibe. I am thankful that I could have been a part of this event and look forward to next year. / Sven

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