It´s A Wrap

My last years filming season ended with an all time trip to Alaska and this year it is not any worse with a trip to the Lofoten i will not forget. Being up there in the arctic circle for the past few weeks was a true blessing! The experiences we have been able to make and mostly the beautiful nature we got to see filled me with great happiness and even more appreciation for our planet. As for skiing, it was hands down one of the, if not the most tiring trip i have been on. Trying to film with men power only, (no lift access, no helis) was both frustrating at times, as we spend all day working our butts off, not getting any shots but also rewarding, when spending all day in beautiful scenery working in slow pace taking in all of nature´s beauty. I am now back in Munich, living the city life for a few days experiencing a true contrast to what has been the essence of our being over the last few weeks. I love reflecting on what has happened. With this trip in particular i noticed how much i embraced the present time as it revealed itself to us on the Lofoten. That is what i keep from this trip and the vibe is what i took home with me. / Sven

crew on topc.Pally_Learmond-3011lofoten south westsouth islands