We got to Ibiza, checked in to our awesome little Finca  and started exploring the Island. The deal is that i get to explore the Island in search for some cliffs and good climbs and in return i have to go to some typical Ibiza beaches to “relax” with the lady. ( And since i deeply dislike beach clubs and crowded beaches in general, this is kind of a big deal for me, such as it is for my girlfriend to be dragged into the adventurous spots, so i guess it is only fair.)



However, with the help of some local knowledge given by our amazing host, i did find some interesting cliffs and good DWS´s (deep water solos). There was one cliff in particular, which i scoped out and really wanted to hit, but had to accept, that the water was just too shallow. And since it was a descent 20 + meter cliff, i really didn´t want to gamble. So i continued the search and found some epic cliffs and climbs right over the water. Definitely impressed by what there is to explore on this beautiful island. And with only a minor effort, you already get the goods. / Sven