Gone Camping In The Lofoten Wilderness

The plane really helps us to get a quick and good first hand overview on the terrain and the conditions. And besides, flying in a place like the Lofoten itself is simply breathtaking. The result of our scouting mission was that we found one of the more remote places out here with stunning landscapes in the valley and rather steep big peaks on the mountain tops. We had one day to pack up and get ready for the wilderness. Due to the low snow level this year, there was hardly any snow in the valley. Really, the ground was mostly covered with moose poo and damp gras. There is only four of us in the crew out here, bringing the camera gear plus all the camping gear meant, that we weren´t travelling light. And that caught up with us very quickly as our hike started off with some major bushwhacking up the sunny hill through the moose land to reach the snow line. We did that for about 2 hours with all the gear on our back including the skis and ski boots. Reaching the snow line felt like a blessing as we could now skin for the rest of the way rather than carrying the skis on our backs. By the time we reached the camping site, the sun was just about to disappear behind the mountain peaks. We set up camp, where it quickly became cold, and left to skin up to the top of a ridge. By the time we reached the ridge it was 8 30 pm and it took us all day to get to this point. Even though we were too late to get some filming lines in the can, we were rewarded with another stunning view and an epic sun set. The ski back down to the camp was one of the most joyful run i have had all year. On every pitch we stopped we just told each other over and over again “how sick it is to be out here”. The first night was mostly calm with light snowfalls. We woke up to sunny skies. The snow was pretty variable so we were limited to mostly north and north west slopes. That really limited our terrain options we wanted to ski. And considering the big effort we made to even just get here, this was quite a disappointment to the crew. Also we approached the terrain very conservatively as there was only four of us out there and it would be a solid half day mission to reach civilisation, so we just played it save. Despite the let down, Paddy and I both got to ski some fun lines during our camping mission. As our pick up depended on the tide (the fjord could only be reached safely during high tide due to the shallow waters) we arranged a 11 am pick up for Tuesday. Even though that would have given us enough time to potentially get in a early morning session before leaving camp, we all decided to leave the alpine after our last ski day and head down to the valley to set up camp near the pick up spot. We were all too tired after 3 days of just skinning and carrying all the gear that this seemed like the only reasonable choice. Taking the gear down on skis was definitely a lot easier, but this quickly changed when we reached the bottom of the snow line and were back to bushwahcking and river crossing. By the time we reached the beach i was truly exhausted. Never the less, taking in the beautiful wilderness was special. Being out there in this peaceful, pure, raw and yet stunning nature was an experience i will never forget. It is those experiences that make me appreciate our planet to the fullest and leave me questioning our society and the way we generally treat our planet. On our pick up day i got up early to be able to take in as much as possible from this special place. I could literally just sit there for hours feeling nothing but pure happiness and i am truly thankful to have gotten this opportunity!/Sven

c.Pally_Learmond-9951 c.Pally_Learmond-1211
c.Pally_Learmond-9957 Trollfjord
stunning Grunnfjord Sven Pally messing around
Sven Sherpa Snow campers
Paddy sunset Camping by the water