About me

Hey there and thank you for visiting my website. I am Sven Kueenle a professional skier based out of Germany. It has been over a decade that I have traveled the globe for skiing. From the European Alps to Japan, New Zealand, Alaska and many more places, skiing has been a huge part of who I am today. I got to know many inspiring people, different cultures and beautiful places throughout the years and truly feel thankful for the times I have had in my live so far.
Most recently i was filming for the Legs Of Steel crew for their latest, award winning film “Passenger”.
On this website you can follow my adventures and be up to date with what I am up to.

Career overview:
It all started at a young age of 3 when I first stood on skis. Ever since then, all I wanted to do is go skiing. Being in the mountains and the snow has always fulfilled me with such joy that I was driven and dedicated to put all of my energy towards this passion of mine.
At the age of 6, when being asked, I announced that I want to be a skier, a pilot and a farmer.
After a short ski racing career from 9 till 14, I became inspired by my snowboarding friends and wanted to adapt their way of riding to my skiing.

In 2000 I started freeskiing and new right then that this is what I want to do.
In 2001 K2 became my first ski sponsor and after successfully competing in numerous competitions I soon added Red Bull and Oakley to my Sponsors list and my professional skiing career was born.
In 2003 I finished high school and left Europe for North America where I got to ski with my idols JP Auclair, Julien Regnier, Anthony Boronowski, Pep Fujas and more.
This is when I was introduced to the filming world and I soon realized that I want to put my focus towards ski movies and filming in the Backcountry.

In the following years I filmed for:

  • Poor Boys Productions – “WAR” ( USA )
  • Push Films Productions – “Not Another Ski Movie” (EU)
  • Aestivation – “Aviation” (EU) 2010
  • Teton Gravity Research – “Light The Wick “ (USA) 2010
  • Teton Gravity Research – “One For The Road” (USA) 2011
  • Legs Of Steel – “Nothing Else Matters” (EU) 2011
  • Legs Of Steel – “Hurt So Good” (EU) 2012
  • Legs Of Steel – “LosT” (EU)2013
  • Legs Of Steel – “PASSENGER” (EU) 2015
Ein Gipfel gehört dir erst, wenn du wieder unten bist.
Denn vorher gehörst du Ihm.
– Hans Kammeriander –

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